Andoflora is Andorra’s flower fair and market. The organization needed a corporate identity and advertising communications that would make it attractive to visitors and consolidate its standing in the country’s competitive calendar of events.

Some of the inherent qualities of the brand are delicacy, craftsmanship, beauty and resource ecology in the choice and use of materials. The art direction, which pays meticulous attention to every detail, speaks of a brand with personality and a narrative of its own.


The theme of the 2011 edition of the fair was “black and white” and its power in the image world, focusing mainly on the universe of weddings. So, we created the ad copy "Enamórate" (Falling in love) to evoke a fantasy sensation where Andoflora is the framework and setting. This close symbolic relationship between love and flowers was very consistent with the Andoflora brand narrative.


Based on the message conveyed in the slogan for the 2010 edition, "Less is more”, we designed a system where the invitations to Andoflora were cut outs from the event’s poster. In this way the same print run could be used for both purposes, creating a set of pieces true to that year’s motto.