October 28th, 2018 was the chosen day for all Barcelona to start drawing! Promoted since 2010 by the Picasso Museum, in 2018, thanks to the co-production of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, the Big Draw event opened its doors to the city.

40 free workshops led by more than 50 artists, designers and illustrators distributed in 6 neighborhoods of the city, got a large part of the public to come out to draw.

The graphic that had to identify this fantastic drawing party had to be at the height of this great event. Since this year happened to be held throughout Barcelona, the organization decided to incorporate in the initial naming the subtitle 'Barcelona Dibuixa'. We decided to keep this new incorporation at the same graphic level as 'Big Draw'. In this way, the name of the city became a leading part of the identity.

Conceptually, we focused on the word DRAW. We claim the importance of the most basic tools in the world of drawing, such as the pencil and the pencil sharpener, and we made them visual protagonists. The graphic system is created from the other word that forms the name of the event: BIG. We present, in all applications, graphic elements on a large scale. The result was very well received, both by the organization and by the attendees.