NG is a publication on world branding published by the Morillas Studio. Duró is in charge of its editorial design and art direction. We define a visual concept for every issue which becomes the guiding thread of its different pages.

NG53 Instructions

The aim of this issue was to graphically represent the importance of good design in 'user instructions' as a means of generating a positive or negative relationship with the related products or services. So, we transformed the publication into a foldout with a collection of the most absurd phrases used in actual user instruction texts to emphasize the importance of this kind of support for obtaining good brand returns.

NG55 Risk

This issue is about the risks run by brands, so we wanted to graphically represent this idea in connection with 'danger'.

We made a compilation of symbols and had them perforated both on the front and back pages of the issue to give it the feeling of instability. We also played with the color yellow used as a symbol for warning or danger.

NG57 Crisis

This issue portrays consumers in times of economic recession. We needed to graphically represent this subject without a fatalistic outlook, so we focused on the 'swimming pool' as a symbol for crisis, which in turn became the setting to display different consumer attitudes.