Genesse, a company belonging to the AC Marca Group, needed to put in order its extensive catalogue of sub-brands and products. First, we set out to redefine the Group’s main identity, Genesse, and turn it into an umbrella brand for all other personal hygiene product lines. Later, we worked specifically on some lines and reinforced their restyling across the entire range of products.

Genesse logo

The Group decided to position Genesse as its global cosmetics brand. We restyled the existing logo by focusing on graphic cosmetics and codes of femininity.


Genesse launched Hydrotermal into the market: a new moisturizing cream proposal intended to replace the former Hydrocéan line. The consumer attitude to Hydrocéan was positive, but its packaging design failed to position it as a reference brand within the industry. We focused on color codes, typography and art direction to create a packaging design that visually expresses skin health, moisturizing and beauty, while at the same time positioning Hydrotermal among the cosmetic industry’s fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) range of products.


Our aim was to instill personality in the existing range of moisturizing shower gels seen by consumers as private label products due to their design. We created a packaging architecture that allows highlighting the brand and its assortment of product options by imbuing it with an identity that intensifies its personality.


Lida’s sales were low and it was not easily noticeable on the shelf because of its obsolete packaging. The goal of this unclearly positioned product was to become a natural glycerin soap reference brand.

Package restyling was based on the concept of “transparency” to show the product and turn it into a main feature. Package facing, also transparent, appeals to the natural attributes of the product’s ingredients. Following a thorough benchmarking process, the purpose of setting the product apart from the competition proved successful, and a remarkably rapid rise was recorded in Lida sales.