Molfort's is a company in Mataró (the capital and largest town of the comarca of the Maresme), dedicated to the production of socks, which in the thirties was innovative in the methods of production, marketing and, above all, in the introduction of the principles of rational advertising, a new technique that the 1915 made its first steps in Catalonia. Announcements in the newspapers and wrapping paper, a man-ad and luminous signs, labels and stands of fairs, shop windows and aucas with stories of socks, a magazine and awnings to protect from the shop windows: an explosion of graphics to convey an image of comfort, safety, comfort, savings and elegance.

This is the catalog we have designed for the exhibition "Molfort's socks and rational advertising". The writer Julià Guillamon and the designer Jordi Duró, with the complicity of the Museum of Mataró, have managed with this book to reconstruct and document the history of Molfort's socks and rational advertising. The recovery of hundreds of unpublished materials is now presented in an exciting story that conveys the enthusiasm and daring of the pioneers of industry and advertising in Catalonia.