Menorca’s farming and fishing businesses are currently being complemented by the island’s very own wine production with its increasingly good quality and growing international recognition. In this context, Binifadet was seeking a distinguishable identity to reflect the sensorial experience not only of its exclusive product, but also of its wineries.

Corporate identity and logo

Binifadet, a long and not very distinctive name, was divided into syllables to facilitate its legibility and pronunciation. We designed a handmade logo with wooden typographies so as to represent the distinguishing features that are associated with the brand: exclusiveness, origin and character.


We adapted the identity of the different product lines using a packaging design that is consistent with the winery’s new identity. We took into consideration the difficulty of adapting a name that is long and hard to remember and, once again, divided the syllables in the logo for its insertion in the vertical facing of bottles and boxes.

In this way the brand has become very visible and it has given character to its assortment of packs, turning them into powerful sales outlet advertisements.