Farga, a select pastry reference brand, opened a new shop at the Barcelona airport that required a new line of products.

We proposed a renewal of its packaging, linking Farga to the setting where it prospered: Barcelona. This co-branding complementarily reinforces the quality and enriches the name of both brands.

By including the ‘Farga’ signature in its graphics, we personalized the brand endowing it with tradition and craftsmanship. At the same time, by using Gaudí elements we linked these values with universally acknowledged city icons.

The materials used –tinplate and cardboard- consolidate these timeless attributes in connection with quality, functionality, heritage, nobility and detail.

A collection of articles for tourists and visitors that initially only needed to be sold at the airport has become an item of value requested by all sorts of buyers. In reply to product demand, its distribution has been extended to all Farga shops in Barcelona.