Angel Schlesser created a new fragrance with the prestigious perfumist, Jean Jacques, making "Essential" evolve with floral, fruity and exotic ingredients. We created a new name -"So Essential"-, underscoring its optimistic tone without relinquishing its elegance. "So Essential", aimed at a younger target buyer, also needed a fresher and livelier new packaging solution that adds color and contrast to a timeless boudoir.

The collaboration between Duró and graphic designer Patricia Ballesté opened many paths to explore the look and feel of the brand. Typograpy, color, embossing, finish. The result: the sublimation of femininity and the subtlety that defines Schlesser.

We had to 'rejuvenate' the packaging of Essential, focused on a more mature target, but without entirely losing its characteristics. To reach this solution, we discarded many other proposals on the way. Here are the most important.