The Museum of the History of Immigration of Catalonia commissioned us to design a catalog that will show 30 stories of immigration narrated by its protagonists. With the client we came to the conclusion that the ideal format was an album of photos of the migratory trip. The objects are testimonies of anecdotes, emotions and lived moments. The album had to collect photos of the objects that served as a bridge to narrate the migratory stories.

To be faithful to the spirit of a travel album, we decided to do it as manually as possible: each image is glued by hand, old photographs are printed on photographic paper, we combine different texture papers and we include fabric cuts.

The final piece should give prominence to the feelings of the people who had made the migratory journey. For this reason, we designed a double index for the album: one according to the different phases of the migratory process, and the second was an index based on feelings. Each story had a color code commonly associated with an emotion. This code allowed to quickly see the most common emotions associated with the migratory process.