Thought and action

We are a Design and Branding Studio that specializes in the creation of solid and consistent brands. We work to convey clear, direct and memorable messages aimed at any target group and by every available channel.

We dabble in many fields which enable us to offer comprehensive and bull’s-eye solutions with our particular expertise and track record in typography, identity, art direction and conceptualization of brands and campaigns.

We grow with each project

Duró is also our brand, and the universe from which we reach out to our clients and the world. A consolidated brand that has grown over the years thanks to the dedication, eye for detail, learning and experience we share alongside our friends and clients who put their trust in our work.

We design answers

Duró values are timeless. We believe in empathy, self-criticism and commitment as the basis for our relationships –present and future- with clients and collaborators. We define, execute and present our assignments with talent and excellence. We design distinct languages for specific scenarios. We adapt new techniques to changing environments. We enjoy the thrill of the creative process and the sophistication of the strategy.