Master Isern

Today we interviewed Albert Isern, one of the pioneers of Design in Spain, in his residence in Badalona. He talked to us about the 50th anniversary of the awards Laus. We have discovered that this wonderful piece we kept in the studio was designed by him in 1969. This was one among many other pieces he has showed us.
Albert Isern, for those who do not know, is a graphic designer, publisher and collector. He finished his studies in advertising at Massana School in Barcelona in 1967, and has dedicated his professional life to graphic design, especially corporate identity, packaging and corporate image.
He was a member of the Council of FAD and director of the Laus Awards in various editions and jury in this and also other contests. That’s why his view on contests was vital to the report we are preparing, together with the FAD, on these subject, which will come out soon.