Alpinista Samurai Comunicación is a Barcelona-based communications and marketing agency that hired us to create its corporate identity.


Logo design was a real challenge, because we had to respect the significance of such a powerful name and the reputation of such a renowned brand. So, we had to find a symbol that would be consistent with this personality, but that would not compete with the complexity of the name.

Corporate identity

We chose a strong visual identity generated through photography and advertising copy, but respected the minimalism and simplicity found in oriental esthetics. The ad copy explains the conceptual essence of the “mountaineer” and the “Samurai” by using two mythical and mystical phrases that reinforce the identity’s oriental side. Of all their qualities, we picked the intelligence of the mountaineer and the commitment of the Samurai.

Promotional item

In addition, we created an attractive gift for clients, which also expresses the visual strength of the agency’s corporate image.